About LMH Who is LMH?

Who is LMH?

Learn more about what inspires and drives LMH

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Create the brand that represents your business and will attract the clients and customers that are perfect for you.


Our fresh eyes for design, logos and websites will bring the necessary attention to your brand.


Our team of marketing specialists can deliver the most cutting edge tools to build your business: Email Marketing, Social Media, PPC, Social Promotions and Retargeting, Blogging, Events,


No two businesses are the same, so there is no cookie cutter solution for everyone. We specialize in creating a custom strategy that fits your needs and budget.

Some of our work


Celebrating 7 Years of Business!

LinkedIn just reminded me that I have been operating LMH Promotions, my marketing consulting company, for SEVEN YEARS! I feel old, but also very proud of the work I have...

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The first brand innovation accelerator hits SD in March!

The Lean Brand Lab is the first brand innovation accelerator, built on lean innovation. Lean branding is about eliminating the waste of building a brand that no one wants a relationship with. The Lean Lab introduces a new paradigm of brand development based on experimentation, validation, and the discovery of value.

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Life On Fire Virtual Summit

We are SO EXCITED to announce our partnership with Life on Fire to launch the Life On Fire Virtual Summit with incredible speakers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss, Michael Bernoff,...

Cause Marketing

In this short video, I discuss how cause marketing is good for everyone, the business, the consumer and the cause, as well as how it was a main factor in starting my business, LMH Promotions.

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Nature on Necker

My third time on Necker Island has been more special than any other visit. I was here twice before with different groups of entrepreneurs to learn from each other, from...

Celebrating 4 Sexy Years with GUESS

This year, 2014, marks the 4th year LMH Promotions has been working with the sexiest, all American fashion brand, GUESS. We have had the pleasure of hosting some of the...

Ice Bucket Challenge? Bad or Good for the Environment?

By now, I am sure you have heard all about the drought in California, thanks to the internet sensation, the Ice Bucket Challenge. This viral awareness campaign is a kind...

What is Facebook Hiding From You?

Have you checked your “Other” inbox on facebook lately? No? You better. It is probably full of messages from the last year from people you had no idea were trying to get ahold of you.

As Seen On Facebook

Be Mindful of what you put on the internet because it is what becomes your online brand! Weather you are in business or involved in anything the content you put online is a reflection of you! Use your power wisely and be an inspiration !

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LMH Founder featured in San Diego Union Tribune for “Model Behavior”

Check out our full page article in the San Diego Union Tribune last February. The title was “Model Behavior” and while I would have loved them to chose a photo...