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At LMH, we know that branding is much more than the right logo, a catchy tagline and consistent messaging. We have always helped our clients reach their market through relationships in an authentic way.  Every interaction you have with your audience shapes your brand. To neglect intentional branding is to walk away from the opportunity of capturing value from all customer interactions.

That is why we are excited to collaborate with an incredible team, Nicole Leandra, Lindsay Hawley and The Lean Brand author, Jeremiah Gardner to bring the first Lean Brand Lab to San Diego March 24-25.

lean brand branding lean brand lab san diego

The Lean Brand Lab is the first brand innovation accelerator, built on lean innovation. Lean branding is about eliminating the waste of building a brand that no one wants a relationship with. The Lean Lab introduces a new paradigm of brand development based on experimentation, validation, and the discovery of value.

Whereas business development is heavy lifting and technology development is splitting atoms; brand is good news. This 2-day Lab will empower you to experiment often, fail quickly, measure your learnings, validate your assumptions, and build on what works.

12 startups will be chosen for this fun, interactive and VALUABLE lab.

Who is ready to join us? Apply here.  Applications close March 3rd.