It is no doubt we are seeing an exciting shift in the direction of marketing. Brands are getting creative, conscious and incorporating a purpose or cause. We see this amongst small local businesses looking to connect with their communities and the largest businesses looking to give back and be a global influence for good. Brands like Zappos, Orbitz and Virgin are leading the way for business to be exciting, fun and creating positive changes for the world. They are a few of many examples of companies, with a new and better way of doing things, I would love to thank and feature here.
In my short video, I discuss how cause marketing is good for everyone, the business, the consumer and the cause, as well as how it was a main factor in starting my business, LMH Promotions.

Also, here is an article on Pencils of Promise, a non profit bringing education to developing countries and using strategic partnerships with brands like Warby Parkey, Birchbox and LMH client, Life on Fire, for the upcoming Virtual Summit.